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Bushnell Neo Golf GPS Review

BushnellNeoThe Bushnell Neo Golf GPS is an amazing little device, the kind you might scoff at until you actually try it. As you might have guessed from its name, the Neo is a golfer’s aid that displays the distance from you to any key point on any golf course in the world.

Once you’re in range of the tee, the device automatically sets up that hole, and gives you the distance from the tee to the pin. It also allows you to setup four custom locations on the hole. You can have them preconfigured, but it’s also quite simple to plug them into the device on the fly.

The Neo is nice and small, so it sits in the palm of your hand, and rests easily in your pocket. However, for such a small device it’s impressively well constructed, and feels sturdy in the hand. The housing is light and compact, the 80×120 high-contrast LCD screen is easy to read, and the built-in SiRF Star III GPS receiver works without a hitch.

Since testing the Bushnell Neo Golf GPS, I’ve tried several of its competitors. I’m definitely in love with the idea of using a device like this on the course, and it helps you improve your game with precision rather than eyeballing it. None of the others I’ve tried has managed to pack in the full feature set, and work as consistently as the Neo does.

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